IProyal: The Game-Changing AI Assistant App

What is IProyal?

Launched in 2021, IProyal is an innovative mobile and web application that serves as a powerful AI assistant to help users get more done and learn new things daily through conversation.

With advanced natural language processing capabilities backed by industrial-strength security and infrastructure, IProyal aims to be the most useful productivity tool for work, education and daily life.

“IProyal saves me over 4 hours a week by automating tasks and providing fast answers to my questions so I can focus on high-value priorities” – Jamie, Marketer

Key Features of IProyal

What gives IProyal an edge over traditional virtual assistants?

  • Conversational Interface – Talk to IProyal like you would a real person using free-form questions and requests in normal language. No rigid syntaxes or formulas needed.
  • Broad Knowledge Base – IProyal has access to extensive general knowledge across thousands of topics – from history and science to current events – enabling it to take on a wide range of question types.
  • Personalized Recommendations – IProyal gets to know your tastes to suggest personalized apps, music, podcasts, restaurants and other discoveries you’ll love based on your preferences.
  • Integration with Popular Apps and Services – IProyal works with tools like Slack, Google Workspace, Office 365 and more to streamline collaboration and productivity.

The Top Benefits of Using IProyal

So why should you be using this capable AI assistant?


1. It Saves You Time

IProyal can take on administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, tracking expenses, organizing documents and managing to-do lists. By automating these repetitive tasks, IProyal saves users an average of 4 hours per week that can now be dedicated to more meaningful priorities.

The app also provides instant answers to common questions so you don’t have to waste time digging around the internet or waiting for a response.

2. It Increases Your Productivity

By serving as a personal assistant that handles tedious tasks on your behalf, IProyal enables you to focus your energy on high-value responsibilities that actually require human-level skills like critical thinking, decision making and creativity.

This allows you to get more high-quality work done in less time, boosting productivity.

3. It Provides Useful Information

With constant access to up-to-date data and resources across a massive knowledge base covering topics ranging from personal finance to cooking to home improvement and more, IProyal empowers users to make more informed decisions in all aspects of life by quicky providing context and background details on complex issues.

What Can You Ask IProyal?

IProyal is capable of assisting with a wide variety of requests across many knowledge domains:


General Knowledge Questions

Get clear, concise answers to questions related to definitions, calculations, conversions, spelling, grammar, word usage, history facts and scientific concepts verbalized simply and accurately.

“IProyal, how tall is Mount Everest?”

Task Management

Let IProyal help you stay organized by creating task lists, setting reminders, scheduling meetings on your calendar, tracking habits and goals, organizing notes and documents, and managing anything else on your personal admin to-do list.

“IProyal, set a reminder to submit my report at 5pm today.”

Personalized Recommendations

Whether your interests are restaurants, music, podcasts or products, IProyal gets to know your individual tastes to suggest new personalized discoveries you’ll love based on your preferences and usage history. The more you use IProyal, the better its recommendations become.

“IProyal, recommend a new comedy podcast I might enjoy.”

Research Assistance

Have IProyal supplement your projects and assignments by finding relevant articles, academic studies, news reports, statistics and other credible sources to enhance your business reports, essays, presentations and more with contextual research and evidence.

“IProyal, pull together some sources about the benefits of remote work for my paper.”

How IProyal Works

So what’s actually powering this robust virtual assistant under the hood? Here are some of the key technical details:

Natural Language Interface

IProyal allows users to communicate conversationally using normal sentences and questions typed or spoken aloud. No rigid syntaxes, predefined templates or special formulas required.

This natural language interface provides a much more intuitive and frictionless experience compared to more rigid traditional chatbots.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

IProyal is powered by industrial-grade security protocols including end-to-end encryption to keep user data safe. It also leverages cloud-based infrastructure to enable reliable, scalable performance that supports millions of users worldwide.

Continuously Improving Machine Learning Core

At its core, IProyal relies on advance machine learning models including transformers and large language models like GPT-3 to understand full context, refine responses over time, and even handle complex follow-up questions.

These ML models are trained on vast datasets and continuously optimized to improve accuracy across a wide range of capabilities from conversation to task completion.


Platforms and Integrations

In addition to the fully-featured web application, IProyal offers native mobile apps and third-party integrations:

Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to take the power of IProyal’s AI assistant with you anywhere via your smartphone or tablet for on-the-go access your virtual assistant.

Web App

Alongside the mobile apps, IProyal offers a complete web application accessible from any laptop or desktop device so your conversations and requested tasks seamlessly sync across all platforms.

Third-Party Integrations

To streamline collaboration and access to other productivity tools, IProyal integrates directly with popular applications including Slack, Google Workspace, Office 365 and more.

Pricing Plans

IProyal offers tiered pricing plans to meet the needs of individuals, teams and enterprise organizations:

Free Plan

The free plan provides access to core IProyal features for individual use like asking questions and managing tasks. Great way to get started.

Has some usage limits.

Pro Plan

Pro plan has expanded capabilities for power users including increased usage allotments, additional integrated services, faster response times and priority email support starting at $8 per month.

Business Plan

Business plan gives teams secure administrative control and monitoring, unlimited usage, multi-account access for organizations, premium integrations, on-boarding assistance and 24/7 phone support starting at $20 per user per month.


With robust AI capabilities delivered through an intuitive interface across all major platforms and devices, IProyal aims to be the most useful productivity assistant for daily work and personal life.

The app continues rapidly improving to save people time, increase productivity, provide useful information and generally make daily tasks easier.

Ready to offload admin work and get answers fast? Get started with IProyal today.

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